Miriam O'Brien works with Boards and senior management. We specialise in board reviews and governance in general, corporate and business planning, high level risk frameworks, stakeholder and community consultation, and reviewing policies and programs.

Our purpose...

To help our clients become and remain the best in their sector.

We help our business clients get the results they want. We help them gain a greater advantage over their competitors, improve their products and services, enhance relationships with customers and funding bodies, lift productivity and performance, and deliver results.

We help service providers deliver the results they strive for. We help them work out what their clients and consumers need, what funding bodies require and what their members or shareholders demand of them. We help them deliver valuable and valued services for their clientele and the community.

We help our government clients design and deliver targeted policies and quality programs and continuously improve them to advance the social, economic and environmental well-being of the community.

We help all our clients get results.

Our clients include:

  • business, such as construction and aviation companies
  • federal, state & local government
  • statutory authorities
  • scientific research institutions
  • agricultural and farmer organisations
  • environmental bodies
  • community services such as disability services, youth services and support for the homeless
  • affordable housing
  • professional & industry peak bodies
  • elite sporting bodies
  • education providers
  • hospitals and health service providers
  • aged residences & home care
  • and many others.


Focus on results

Underpinning our approach is a focus on results. Not only do we make every effort to achieve the results our clients expect from us, we can also help our clients define the results they want their own organisation to achieve.

With clearly defined results, it is much easier for organisations to map a coherent plan, identify and manage risks and create their vision of the future.

We work with Board members, CEO's, senior management and business units to help them work out what results are to be achieved, the most appropriate strategies for achieving results, intermediate goals and objectives, how to monitor progress (performance indicators) and how best to report (eg dashboard indicators).

Click here to download our capability statement (pdf).

Meet Miriam O'Brien

Miriam O'Brien

Miriam V. O'Brien.

Miriam established the business in 1991 after some years with Touche Ross Management Consulting and KPMG Management Consultants. Before that, Miriam was Senior Agricultural Scientist, Planning with the Department of Agriculture in South Australia, where she also spent some months in a Ministerial liaison and industry policy role. Read more...

What we do

Boards and Governance: We design and hold workshops and seminars on governance, planning and high level risk assessment. Read more...

We conduct board assessments and diagnostic reviews.

We can also assist boards in preparing board charters and governance policies, and in fine-tuning their procedures and committee structure. Read more...

Miriam O'Brien has undertaken advanced training in Carver Policy Governance® and can assist boards who have chosen to adopt the Carver governance framework. Read more...


Strategic Planning: Whether a session with the board or a more extensive exercise involving staff and key stakeholders, the focus is always on the results the organisation is to achieve. Read more...

Risk Management: We can help boards and CEOs develop a risk management framework and plan based on Australian standards. Read more...

Business Continuity Planning: We can work with you to prepare a business continuity plan to make sure your organisation is prepared in the event of an interruption to key services. Read more...


Workshops and seminars: We specialise in workshops and seminars on good governance, strategic planning and risk management frameworks. Read more...

Stakeholder and community consultation: We can design a program to get the views of stakeholders and/or the general community. This can include public meetings, surveys, written submissions, group discussions and meetings with key people. Read more...

Policy and Program Review: We review individual policies, programs and services and develop performance indicators for ongoing monitoring and evaluation. Read more...